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Take the guesswork out of the application process...

Highly competitive...
Management consulting is one of the most sought after career options for graduates. Consulting firms also invest signficant resources to attract as many applicants as possible from which to select their talent pool. This results in a highly competitive selection process, with firms typically rejecting up to 90% of candidates at the initial screening stage.
Deep expertise...
Over the years, our team has screened literally thousands of applications from aspiring consultant candidates. We have worked for many of the leading international consulting firms, so we know what they are looking for, and we know how to make your application stand-out from the crowd.
Personalised service...
We undertake a comprehensive assessment of your profile and track-record to date. Based on this, we develop a professional cover letter and resume that is tailored to your specifc background and optimised for consulting screening criteria.
Keep on improving...
As well as your application documents, we will also give you a report showing how you perform against typical consulting screening criteria. Based on this analysis, we will give you personalised recommendations to help you strengthen your application further where applicable.

Packages and Pricing

Application Assessment

  • Review of your Resume / Cover Letter
  • Comprehensive feedback and revisions
  • Screening assessment report
  • Recommendations for further improvement

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Cover Letter / Resume Drafting

  • Comprehensive individual profile
  • Professional Resume and Cover Letter
  • Screening assessment report
  • Recommendations for further improvement

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Premium Package

  • Best value package
  • Cover Letter / Resume Drafting Package
  • 3 practice case Interviews
  • Access to an online Coach

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A proven track-record of results...

Our candidates have successfully secured interviews, internships and full-time roles with many of the leading international consulting firms

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How can I choose between an application assessment and a full cover letter / resume drafting service?
An application assessment is for candidates that have already drafted their cover letter and resume, and would like it to be reviewed and assessed by an expert. You will get feedback on the quality of the documents, marked up revisions and suggestions for further improvements, as well as a completed screening assessment and recommendations for further improvements.

For an application assessment to be of value, it is important that you have invested enough time and effort already into producing application documents of a reasonable quality. That way, the feedback and recommendations can build on a good initial foundation, which will help you to achieve a good outcome when you apply.

If you do not have the time to draft your own documents, or are not confident that you have been able to develop documents of sufficient quality, then you might be better to consider the Cover Letter / Resume drafting service. Here, you will complete a very detailed background profile survey. This will then be used by our experts to draft professional application documents for you. As with the application assessment service, you will also receive a screening assessment and recommendations for any additional actions to strengthen further your application.